“Without reservation, I highly recommend Clara for all aspects of Reiki treatment. In 2010, I had a concussion. Clara was there to help, and I was able to resume my work. In 2012, when I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, once again Clara was there to help me. In 2016, I was diagnosed with a very rare form of lymphoma on my liver…aggressive cancer. They gave me 6 months to live. With Clara’s help, I’m doing great and the doctors at Dana Farber can’t figure out how I can still be alive.” 
— Diane Stoler, Ed.D.

“Clara is compassionate and intuitive. Following each Reiki session, I felt profoundly peaceful and relaxed.”
— Sue C.

“Clara has been so very helpful to me. I came to Clara knowing that I needed to figure out why I kept having headaches when I got stressed. She introduced me to techniques that help me relax and reduce my body’s responses to stress so that my headaches either do not happen or are very minimal. She helped me develop my spiritual connection which brought me more calm in my life. In addition to having many talents in her fields of expertise, she is compassionate and patient. I highly recommend her services.”
— Martha Lindsay, Nutritionist

“Clara taught me how to treat myself with Reiki a few years ago. Since then, I’ve used it many times for injuries. I’m amazed at how quickly cuts and bruises heal, and how quickly the pain goes away, just from holding the area and using Reiki!”
— Melissa C.

  “After four decades of workshops and post-graduate seminars, Clara is one of the best professional teachers I’ve met. She has researched extensively and provides a compelling historical account of Reiki and at the same time gently guides her students to new levels of understanding of life force energy. She’s a phenomenal teacher. If you can get in, take her workshop!”
— Dawn M., Administrator

“From the first moment I stepped into Clara’s class, I felt her compassionate and generous energy flowing toward her students. Her knowledge, skill, and connection to the lineage of Reiki created a learning experience that was genuine and comprehensive. I feel confident and supported in treating myself and others with Reiki.”
— Meghan S., Teacher

“I loved Reiki 1 and would recommend this class to anyone. The pace was perfect with hands on and lecture. The time flew by.”
— Carrie F.

“Using just one word, I can easily describe Clara’s energy work – brilliant! Her intuitive understanding of issues both large and small on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels is extraordinary. She draws upon solid training from numerous modalities, but what makes Clara’s work special is her ability to synthesize all of this learning with a deep understanding of the underlying relationships found in clients’ issues. Clara is my “go-to” healer. I wholeheartedly recommend her services!”
— Sheila Peters, Dance Instructor and Energy Medicine Practitioner

  “Clara’s innate healing ability, comprehensive knowledge, and welcoming presence combine to deliver a truly uplifting treatment. She has helped me in ways that traditional medicine has not or could not.  I would recommend Clara to anyone who wishes to keep their vital flow of energy balanced, and especially to anyone who is looking for a positive path to relief.”
— Paula S.

“My back is vulnerable from having previous disc problems. I was in a minor car accident recently and could barely move because of pain and stiffness in my back. After a Reiki session later that same day, I was in no pain. The remaining stiffness was gone the following day.”
— Larry P.

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